Course Syllabus

SFP Level 1 – Professional/Student Editions

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Module 1

Concept + Cuisine


Lesson 1 – Takeaways 1  –  key learning outcomes

Lesson 2 – Definitions

  • What defines sustainability, how to recognize what is and isn’t sustainable
  • the approach that makes sustainability the essential business asset of the future

Lesson 3 – Diversity

  • Review of the basic parameters used to measure sustainability
  • Sustainable menu design with Video Mentors Andrea Carlson and Brad Long

Lesson 4 – Words with Buzz + Trust

  • Review of common terminology (and buzzwords) around food, resources, operations, etc
  • Plants, proteins & possibilities with Video Mentors Brian Luptak, Meeru Dhalwala and Robert Belcham

Lesson 5 – Beyond Menu Design

  • Benefits of a zero-waste menu and how it can guide future-proof operations
  • Zero-waste menu design principles with Video Mentors Welbert Choi, Brian Luptak and Greg Martin

Module 2

Source + Supply


Lesson 1 – Takeaways 2  –  key learning outcomes

Lesson 2 – Paying Forward

  • Designing a sustainable purchasing policy for both your staff and your potential suppliers, with help from agencies that certify sustainable sources
  • Recognizing sustainable supply chains with Video Mentors Jason Boyce and Robert Clark

Lesson 3 – Favouring Local Flavours

  • How participation in local food systems serves your menu and your community
  • Nurturing local supply chains with Video Mentors Andrea Carlson, Greg Martin and James Kennedy

Lesson 4 – Let’s Be Direct

  • Adding producer-direct relationships to your supply chain;

Lesson 5 – Make, Bake and Brew

  • Boosting sustainability across the entire service offering, from the bread basket to the beverage list

Lesson 6 – Local. Very local.

  • Emerging supply solutions, from urban agriculture to rooftop gardens, for the sustainable menu
  • Supporting urban agriculture with Video Mentor Matt Johnstone

Module 3

Hot + Cold


Lesson 1 – Takeaways 3  –  key learning outcomes

Lesson 2 – It’s All About Energy

  • Review foodservice energy requirements, and how the choice of energy source impacts your community
  • Specifying electric or gas appliances with Video Mentors Welbert Choi and Don Fisher

Lesson 3 – Efficiency is Underrated

  • Recognize and choose high-performance kitchen equipment that is also energy-efficient
  • The save-your-energy kitchen tour with Video Mentor Don Fisher

Lesson 4 – The Low-carbon Kitchen

  • Design essentials of a versatile, adaptable low-carbon kitchen to future-proof your operation
  • Do more with less in a low-carbon kitchen with Video Mentors Tyler Schwarz and James Kennedy

Lesson 5 – Smart Steps: Staff Edition

  • Daily actions to save energy and conserve water, front and back-of-house

Lesson 6 – Smart Steps: Customer Edition

  •  Efficient and welcomed ways that help customers do their part

Module 4

Materials + Waste


Lesson 1 – Takeaways 4  –  key learning outcomes

Lesson 2 – Know Your Material

  • Sort through the supply-side materials to minimize their impact on your community

Lesson 3 – The Future is Not Plastic

  • Make the best choices of low-impact packaging for take-out and delivery service
  • Identifying sustainable products and their life cycles with Video Mentors Susanna Carson and Greg Martin

Lesson 4 – Closing the Loop

  • Recognizing sources of food waste and reducing their impact while boosting food system sustainability
  • Minimizing food waste by design with Video Mentors Brad Long, Greg Martin and Robert Clark

Lesson 5 – Keeping it Clean

  • Sanitizing your operations while minimizing harm to people and the environment

Lesson 6 – Putting It Out There

  • Reducing waste while feeding more of your community

Module 5

Business + Culture


Lesson 1 – Takeaways 5  –  key learning outcomes

Lesson 2 – The Case for Business

  • Exploring the future-proof principles of a triple-bottom-line business model
  • Making the business case for sustainable operations with Video Mentors Bruce McAdams and Daniel Frankel

Lesson 3 – Front + Back

  • Creating a sustainable management policy to shift workplace culture while enhancing career advancement and  work/life balance for all staff
  • Describing a future-proof business culture with Video Mentors Dave Gunawan, Daniel Frankel and Matt Johnstone

Lesson 4 – B2B + B2G

  • Developing collaborative relationships with business colleagues and local/regional governments

Lesson 5 – B2C – The Whole Story

  • Strategies to best engage the support of customers in all sustainable initiatives
  • Talking sustainability to customers and communities with Video Mentors Warren Erhart, Bruce McAdams and Jason Boyce